Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tales of the Young and Overly Randy

Have you ever experienced a day that was an unholy combination of traumatizing and hysterical all at the same time. For the Blackburn household, that day is today. Why you may ask? Please pull up a chair, grab an adult beverage and listen to my sordid tale of debauchery of the acutest kind.

You've heard me make brief mention of the bitchiest cat on the planet, who currently resides in our domicile. The children call her Lucy. I call her other various four letter words. In all honesty, she is sweet most of the time, but when she decides to put on the Fuck You hat, she can be a raging heifer.

I would love to say that this wasn't how she sleeps all of the time, but I can't. She manages to contort herself in ways that defy standards set  by the Cirque De Solel.

Lucy is a fairly young cat. She was born this year in June, so we were a little unnerved by her strange behavior today. She was overly friendly. OMG. She wanted to be pet constantly. She rubbed around on the floor and was being ridiculously cute. We were so freaked out...and then my husband filled me in on what the deal was.


And the most amusing part about it?

She has her horny-radar set on my husband.

Since he's sat down, she's been on him like a halter top on a co-ed. And it's hysterical! I want to get video footage so bad, but I can't because every time I do, I laugh. She's STALKING HIM.! On one hand, as a woman, I feel bad for her because hey, everyone has felt that way at some point, but the look she is giving my husband is priceless.

Ok, so on the writing front, I've gone over my outline for the next story with a fine tooth comb and I am loving it. I cannot wait to sit down and start writing it. Tomorrow looks so promising and I look forward to the day when I can send it in to the publisher.

In the meantime, Sons of Anarchy is about to start and I love that show. But I am torn. Do I watch that show, or continue to watch my cat try to seduce my husband?