Wednesday, October 20, 2010

David Bowie = Awesome

Jareth the Goblin King is quite possibly my muse. I can unequivocally say that he was the reason I forayed into fantasy to begin with. The character was rich and mysterious and he captured my attention, even at the tender age of eight. First, he was a KING. True, it was over a strange and creepy world of backwards doorways, warty goblins and spandex, but it was his world and if you loved him back, it was yours. And then there was his heartfelt plea that until adulthood, no woman really understood the power that it had.

"Look what I offer you...your dreams. I ask for so little. Just let me rule you and you can have everything you want. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." 

Little did we know that at such a tender young age we were being indoctrinated into erotic bondage. I find it fascinating that different movies take on a whole new meaning the older we become. We see them through different, more experienced eyes. The beauty of something like the Jim Henson creation of The Labyrinth is that our tender sensibilities leave us wandering in a world of imagination and fantasy, believing that there are fairies and goblins and realms other than our own and if we dream hard enough, we can truly be a part of them.

As authors of genres such as paranormal romance and urban fantasy, we capture that world again, only with a vastly different net. The worlds we create mimic those of our childhood, only the veil of the innocent fairy tale is lifted to reveal that not everything is as glittery as it looks on the surface. We write of vampires, and shape shifters, demons and their killers. We implement sex, not as a page filler, but as something tangible that moves the story and makes the characters real, no matter how fictional they may originally appear.

I am immensely proud of the genre in which I have chosen to ensconce myself. Here, there is creative license and opportunity. Here, nothing is impossible. The doorways to the imagination are left wide open and if you are lucky enough to craft a tale that earns a reader, then you have made it. Here, we write for passion and truth, for our hearts and the secrets they hold.

Onto more....scandalous things. Today is Random Scandal Wednesday and today's scandal comes to you from a sleepy little street. Home to educators and philanthropists, the tiny street is it's own town. There's a general store, a school, a repair shop, everything one could need is located on a solitary strip. The cobblestone roads are wide enough for cars, but tend to accomodate tricycles and roller skaters and on every corner, you will find at least one little monster, waiting to teach you your ABC's. I refer of course to Sesame Street. This notorious bastion of multi-culturalism is no stranger to the occasional bad apple, however, and this next incident is causing the local authorities to consider a registry for the purpose of monitoring random object offenders. Candles have rights too!

Because of the nature of the language in this shocking footage, it has been edited for your preservation. Be warned that the statements made in this video are abhorrent and in no way, shape or form reflect my views on spiders, cobwebs, candles, or excessive *bleep*-ing.

Until tomorrow...MUAH!

(and no *bleep*-ing spiders!)