Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hip To Be Square

Random info: will soon be You can still access the blogspot. It will simply direct you to the dotcom. Cool huh? I think so, but then again, it doesn't really take much to excite me. Kind of a ridiculous statement for someone who writes romance, huh?

"A.D looked at the dotcom website and was overcome with ecstasy."

Oh, or if you wanna go the paranormal route:

"A.D. saw the dotcom, slinking in the darkness of the world wide web. Suddenly, it lept from the flat paneled screen of her Mac and manifested in her living room, filling the space with it's immense presence.

And she as overcome with ecstasy."

Geez I'm lame. I never thought I would have a reason to have my own website. To be honest, it's kinda cool. Not in a lame, my-head-is-too-big-for-my-body kinda way. It's just cool that I even have the opportunity to have my own website.

The first chapter of the new book is finished. If you thought my excitement level over the website was high, pft, you shoulda been here! When I write, the first chapter is always the hardest. It takes an act of Congress to get me to sit down in front of the computer, but once I get in the groove of putting thoughts down, I don't want to stop. I fully intended to pound out 5k today.

I am glad I stopped.

The Romance-Novel-Hot Hubby and I went to a home improvement store that shall not be named to peruse their insulation. Thrilling, I know, but bare with me. It gets better. My husband in a hardware store is like me in a shoe store...I have to look at EVERYTHING. So we decided to meander over to the kitchen cabinets, dreaming of the day when we could have one of the designer kitchen set ups that they so nobly display with the knowledge that EveryMan can't buy them off the cuff...or could they?

It just so happened that the display we were eyeballing as "the dream" was on sale. I'm not going to drop the price cause that's jerky. What I will do is SQUEE (yes that is a word) and do a little happy dance because Christmas came early this year. That's right...THIS GIRL is getting new kitchen cabinets!

Ok, so it's not the most exciting news ever, but it tickles me in all the right places. Now the only problem is trying to figure out where my bed is going to fit in the kitchen once the new set up is in...cause I would so sleep with them. Sexy with a capital YES MA'AM!

Since I bored the hell out of you today, I will leave you with a sexy little video. MUAH!!!!! Nothing but love. Oh, and coming soon is a bit of a teaser from a future story that I sincerely hope you will enjoy!

I leave you with a lovely little video that always tickles me every time I see it. This is absolutely one of my favorite movies. Twisted, yes, but Christian Bale is in it...which makes it AWESOME!

It's a wee bit....violent, so if you have delicate sensibilities, don't watch it. I just think its funny, which makes me weird I guess.