Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ode To My Other Half

Regardless of whether your poison of choice is high octane erotic romance or the sweet and simple fairy tale love stories, one thing is universal...we are all saps at heart. That's why we read those beautiful books with the buxom babes on the cover. We as human being are drawn to the happily ever after. There is solace to be found in a story that leads the heart to that strange happy place we all so desperately covet. It doesn't matter how much hot sex or plot twists come with our tales. We all want to believe that when we close the cover, the characters live on to love another chapter. 

I remember when I was a young romance reader. I fell in love with more than one literary hero and often wondered what the man I married would be like. I knew what I wanted him to be like. Tall, rugged, a litte rough around the edges, smart, good with his hands - in more ways than one, thank you. I wanted a man to write about. 

So why the sappy lament? Well, as I write this, I have a glass of red wine on the table. There is a warm fire going in my living room. The lights are dim, the children are sleeping, football is still on, and the cat is being a colossal bitch, as usual. But I am staring at my husband and wondering at my great fortune. I couldn't have written him any better. 

My husband is incredibly supportive. He knows that writing has been a dream of mine for many years, so when I confided in him that I was considering writing full time - since I have the distinct fortune of being a housewife - he not only encouraged me, he pushed me. Had it not been for him and his secret super power of nagging into oblivion, I may  not have had the courage to send in the short story that is to be my first published work. He even read over my manuscript and told me, and I quote, "There was too much build up. Sometimes you have to get straight to the sex." 

Go figure. 

He's kicked back in the recliner, arms behind his head, assuming the Man Asleep position and at this moment, I can't think of anything more beautiful. 

Tomorrow, it's back to edits and working on my next sordid and sultry tale, but for tonight, I think I am going to sit back, enjoy the view, and offer up some serious thanks that I was lucky enough to have my path cross with the most amazing and supportive man. 

A man I would love to write about. <3