Thursday, November 11, 2010

Curse you, Cerebrum!

Wouldn't you know it...I set a lofty goal for myself and I am waylaid by a sinus headache that can only be described in the most cliche of terms. Vice grip, steam roller parking on your head, like being trapped in an elevator with Paris Hilton and the cast of The Jersey Shore, take your pick. My noggin hurts. Strange that I can write this post but I can't focus on the complexities of my literary creations. I chock it up to that whole stream of consciousness thing.  I can babble but I can't think.

Another reason I can't write is maybe because the kidlets are out of school. I have a hard time focusing when there are so many fun things to with the young ones. Play-dough is beckoning. It is hard to heed the call of the characters in my head when my son wants to make a monster city out of one of the most amazing substances ever created. Besides, I figure the 8000 words I hammered out in the last two days will lend me a little bit of wiggle room. At least for today anyway.

So speaking of writing, 'Twas A Dark and Delicious Christmas will available for mass consumption on December 3rd. WOOT! Evernight Publishing is also releasing a Man Love edition on December 1st. No doubt they will both be the sexiest gift under the tree for many this year.

And speaking of amazing Christmas gifts, to offer a sort of mea culpa for not regaling you with something interesting today, I leave you the following video.

I tried to embed the uncensored version...but you get the idea <3