Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guest Blogger: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy stops by to talk about her own personal romance and the magic of inspiration!

Today I am joined by a rising star in the romance world. Her sweet and sultry stories are bound to make you pant and swoon all at the same time. Author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy stopped by to chat with me about her passion for penning prose and her own personal romance story! 

A.D: Welcome Lee Ann and thank you so much for hanging out with me today! So, inquiring minds want to know, w
hat was the first romance novel you ever read?
Legend of The Seventh Virgin, by Victoria Holt, borrowed off my mother's bookshelves! I was about ten and after I read that, I didn't want to read the books for pre-teen girls any longer.  I wanted to read romance!  And, of course, I did.

A.D: Ten? Wow, I feel so behind the curve! I started at 14. So, what was your inspiration for Wolfe's Lady?
Werewolves and shapeshifters have always fascinated me.  It may have started watching that classic old Lon Chaney movie, The Wolf Man, or it may have started the day that my cousin, best friend, and co-conspirator Bill and I swore we ran into a werewolf in a big wooded park in our hometown.  We were eight and nine years old at the time.  My mother has always maintained that it had to have been a tramp but who really knows? ;)  Add to that the idea of full humans falling in love with someone with a shapeshifter problem and it gets very intriguing - at least to me.

A.D: The characters in Wolfe's Lady are both high school teachers. Where did the inspiration for this sweet and sexy story come from?
The entire concept of the story came to me about two years ago when I was substitute teaching.  During the conference hours, I would scribble story notes and the idea that became Wolfe's Lady was one of them.  The idea started as a what if a young new teacher found herself charmed by the fascinating teacher down the hallway and then one night discovered that he became a werewolf beneath the full moon.  I don't substitute teach any more but when I first did, it was at the old school, a huge brick, rather spooky three story building that was the basis for the fictional Riverview High School.   When I was still single, I would have been delighted to teach down the corridor from someone like Darien, werewolf or not!
A.D: Everyone has their own personal romance story. Care to share yours?
Hmmm....I couldn't decide if I wanted to share the story about meeting my husband when I was thirteen and thinking that I would marry him someday (and did, years later) or the one where one of my high school boyfriends came to work at the same place as my hubby a few years ago.  To tease him, my husband went up and said, "You know, we've both kissed the same woman." and my old sweetie, in all seriousness, said, "Yes, Lee Ann.  I have always loved Lee Ann and I still love her."  We all went out to dinner and I could see it was true, even though he's happily married now and so am I.  That led me to write a short little non-fiction story called "A Piece of My Heart" 'cause he still has one!

A.D: I love true life romances like that! Clearly you were meant to tell tales of the heart! Obviously writing has been a life-long passion of yours. What can we expect from you in the future.
More romance novels!  I have three that will be out this year, KINFOLK (romantic suspense) from Champagne Books in July, LOVE NEVER FAILS (contemporary romance), Rebel Ink Press in September, and A TIME TO LOVE (time travel romance) in November again from Champagne.  I also have other submissions out and hope to add to the list soon!

A.D: Aside from writing, what is the one thing that you cannot live without?
My morning caffeine, my family, and sunshine, not necessarily in that order.

A.D: I right there with you on the caffeine, sister! Thank you so much for stopping by and hanging out with me and I can't wait to see more from you in the future! 

Author Bio: 
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy is a full-time working writer who makes her home in the Missouri Ozarks.   She has two novels forthcoming in 2011 from Champagne Books, Kinfolk (July 2011) and A Time To Love, (TBA).  Her short fiction has appeared in many venues and nine anthologies including Mountain Magic: Spellbinding Tales of Appalachia(Woodland Press, 2010).  She is also a member of Missouri Writers Guild and the Ozark Writers League.   A rebel at heart, she is a native of St. Joseph, Missouri, the old frontier river town where Jesse James ended and the legendary Pony Express began.   She has one husband, three children, and one dog.

Blurb for Wolfe's Lady

Stella Raines was looking for a change. She moved to the small town of Riverville to begin her first year of teaching history. She quickly learns that teaching in such a rural high school is no picnic, but the math teacher in the class down the hall makes her first week all the more intriguing….
Darien Wolfe is a staple of Riverville High School, with his rule-breaking hair and attire. He seems to have taught there since, well, forever. However, Darien never knew how much his long life might change until he notices the new history teacher down the hall.
Their attraction is instant and for eternity, like the stars under the full moon. But can Stella survive Darien’s secret?