Monday, January 24, 2011

Guest Blogger Delilah Hunt on Interracial Romance and Alan Rickman!

My guest blogger today is a fast rising star in the world of erotic romance. With titles like The Vampire's Pet, and Tempting Mr. Parker, along with a hot and steamy menage anthology story coming up, you'll want to check out every word that Delilah Hunt puts down on paper! 

A.D: Thank you so much for joining me today, Delilah! So, inquiring minds--specifically mine--what is it about erotic romance that beckons you? 

I think it’s the fact that emotions and actions are not sugar coated and downplayed. When we’re falling in love, it’s physical and emotional and I love that with erotic romance I get to explore both aspects in depth.

A.D: I couldn't agree more. IMHO, it is typically within the realm of erotic romance that you can fully explore the realities of human emotion and sexuality...oh, and speaking of emotion and sexuality, your newest release, Tempting Mr. Parker has received amazing reviews and has landed you PAN (Published Authors Network) eligibility from the RWA. As a new author, how does that make you feel? 

Surprised. Thrilled. I was stunned when Evernight Publisher informed me. It’s just such a good feeling because I almost gave up on this story and was about to place in the trash of my computer when my husband convinced to keep working on it. Becoming PAN eligible and the reception that Tempting Mr. Parker has received has only solidified my intentions of writing full time.

A.D: Aside from anything ever uttered by Alan Rickman, what is the sexiest thing you've ever heard? 

Oh c’mon Annie. How can anything compete with every single word that comes out of Alan Rickman’s mouth? Aside from Alan, I guess it would have to be my DH, describing to me how much he appreciated and preferred my post baby figure. I still get chills thinking about it. I still love Alan…

A.D: I share your love for all things Rickman. His voice is like buttah! What do you feel the future for I/R romance holds? 

This is more of a hope. I’d like to see I/R being incorporated into all the mainstream series romances. I’d love to see the big NY publishers distribute I/R novels in the same manner as the non I/R titles.

A.D: Again, I agree with you on this! So, random fun time: For writing naughty stories, you are banished to a desert island for a month. You are allowed to take three things. What would you take? 

A sexy guy made to perfection that I can conjure from my imagination. A bar of soap, I’m a complete germaphobe and a blanket to cuddle up under with said sexy guy.

A.D:  Soap and sexy men are crucial. Everything else is a perk! What can we expect from you in the future?

Lots more erotic stories. I would like to focus more on the contemporaries rather than the paranormals. I usually have the most fun writing about everyday people.

Thank you Annie for having me on your blog. It has been an honor and a pleasure!

Thank you so much, Delilah, for taking the time to talk with me and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! 

Blurb for Tempting Mr. Parker

Thirty-nine year old CEO and architect Caden Parker is in love with Shakara James. For years he’s kept his attraction to the alluring stripper a secret, masking his guilty desire with disdain and contempt. When his hunger for the twenty-one year old becomes too hot to handle, he reveals his feelings, even though he’s afraid she’ll be disgusted and reject him. 
Shakara yearns for the day when Caden, her best friend’s brother, will look beyond her poverty and the choices she was forced to make as a teenage runaway. As Cade’s feelings come to light, Shakara is stunned and overjoyed, but will there be consequences for their love?

Author Bio: 

Delilah Hunt is a serial daydreamer, known to stop in the middle of conversations to ponder something a character in her head has done, or is about to do. No, she isn't ready for the straitjackets yet. At least not until she brings to life all the heroes and villains vying for her attention.

That being said, she is also a pro at giving Mommy kisses to her two little boys, and driving her own real life hero to distraction with her numerous quirks.

Happy reading, and I'll see you all in Storyland.

 Find Delilah Hunt here on the web
Check out her books, available from Changeling Press and Evernight Publishing


Seleste said...

Great interview, ladies :) And congrats on the PAN status--that's fabulous news!

Angelina Rain said...

Great post. I write contemporaries and paranormals too, but prefer the realistic stuff. I can’t wait for Indecent Encounters to come out. I’m just as excited about reading everybody else’s stories as I am about being a part of it.

By the way, congrats on the PAN!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Seleste. Angelina I'm very excited about Indecent Encounters too and reading all the stories.

Alexandra O'Hurley said...

Great interview, guys! Congrats to Delilah for her new release and A.D. for her upcoming one :)

Shannan Albright said...

Fantastic interview! I can't be more tickled for you Delilah what wonderful news. PAN wow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!

cinquetta said...

That was good interview! Dahlia I am very happy thrill and honor to read your stories. The best part you write interracial stories....YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Julia Barrett said...

Great interview! There are so few interracial romances. Sigh...
Oh, and Alan Rickman...double sigh...