Monday, November 29, 2010

The Little Red Ribbon - Blurb and Excerpt (and shameless pimping)


        James hates Christmas. Not that he is the warm and fuzzy holiday type to begin with. He is the president of the Diabolus Venator, a motorcycle club with a nasty look and an even deadlier reputation. It is only to honor the memory of his dead wife that he allows the club to continue their annual Christmas party. It is also to honor her memory that he continues to purchase her that one special gift every year. Imagine his irritation when he arrives to the party that not only does he have to sit through the holly jolly hell, but somewhere between the mall and the party, he's lost the present. 

While brewing and stewing on his misfortune, his VP and second in the club Caius has one winger of a gift for James – his sister. Caius knows that James is on the verge of breaking mentally and emotionally. So his his sister, Maddy. His plan? Get the two of them together for some Merry Christmas distraction. A little holiday romp couldn't hurt, right? 

After the festivities of the evening, both James and Maddy realize that there is something more profound to their meeting on Christmas of all days. They weren't serendipitously put together on Christmas. They were brought together by something a little more magical. 

                                                 EXCERPT: (Contains adult language) 

      Mads smacked Caius in the chest and reached her hand across the expanse of the wooden table, her eyes fixed on James. He accepted her outstretched hand and the moment their skin touched, she felt a rush of electric tingles. His hands were large, calloused, the epitome of what a man’s hands should be. Dangerous and dark, he was everything that her brother was but more. Long black hair hung to his shoulders with subtle threads of silver, just enough to catch the light. He was rugged with a strong jaw, thick gorgeous lips and just the right amount of scruff on his face to tease a girl in all the right places. But most of all, his eyes caught her attention. They weren't blue or green or even gray. They were gun metal and framed with thick black lashes.
     Her libido instantly went out of control. Caius invited her to the Christmas party for the sole purpose of introducing her to this man and ending her dry spell.
     Mission accomplished.
     Her fingers lingered in his and she saw him smile.
     “You going to give me my hand back sometime tonight?”
     Only if you put it on me. “Oh, I'm sorry. I was daydreaming, I guess. It's nice to meet you, James. Caius has told me so much about you.”
     “Has he now?”
     She nodded and went to take a sip of her drink, suddenly realizing it was empty.
     “What's your poison?”
     James grinned, easing the empty glass from her fingers, letting his linger against her warm skin for just a moment longer. “Woman after my own heart.” He lifted the empty glass and as quick as a flash, it was replaced with a fresh one. “Here you go, darlin'. So what should we drink to?”
     Mads looked around at the lights and the people mingling. A few were slow dancing to the Sinatra Christmas album. A couple was under the mistletoe, taking advantage of the excuse to kiss each other ad nauseum. The television was going into another shot in the arm of A Christmas Story.
     “Let's drink to tomorrow when Christmas is over.”
     James craned his neck back and chuckled. “I am right there with you. I hate this fucking holiday.”
     Mads smiled. “As do I.”
     They touched glasses. Neither noticed that Caius, Tina and Megan left the table. They sipped their drinks in silence. Mads watched James' eyes drift down her throat, to the v-neck tank that hinted the tops of her breasts.
     “See something you like?” Her voice was low and husky.
     James rubbed his face, slowly raising his gaze to hers. “Yes, as a matter of fact I do.”

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